Breakfast: Spinach Protein Pancakes

For St. Patrick’s day I thought, what better way to celebrate than by making healthy protein pancakes, especially when Karena and Katrina, the trainers at Tone It Up, posted a protein pancake recipe that turned the pancakes… you guessed it… green! They were perfectly delicious and so much fun to make, being healthy was just an added benefit! I would definitely make these again, any time, not just on a green holiday!

Spinach Protein Pancakes

yield: 1 serving


1/2 banana

3 egg whites

1/2 tbsp. almond milk

1 scoop Perfect Fit Protein

1/2 cup spinach


1. Place banana, Perfect Fit, egg whites, and spinach into a blender. Puree until smooth.


2. Spray a small round skillet or griddle with non-stick cooking spray and place over low to medium heat.

3. Pour batter in skillet when hot. Cook on low about 5 minutes per side.


4. Remove from heat and add fruit and greek yogurt, and top with honey, agave, or real maple syrup.


Source: Tone It Up


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