Candy Cane Forest Cupcakes


The last and final dessert that I made for my family’s annual Christmas Eve get together was cupcakes, of course! I’ve made cupcakes over and over again, and they just seem to be loved by all! I love baking cupcakes, especially because of the fact that you can bake the same cupcake recipe over and over again, but the decorations and icing can make the cupcake different every single time! For Christmas Eve this year, I wanted to create something that said “it’s Christmas!” So of course I went to Pinterest, but instead of copying someone else’s idea, I decided to decorate the cupcakes using what I had. Introducing… the Candy Cane Funfetti Cupcakes… simple, yet elegant – it reminded me of walking through the seven layers of the candy cane forest! Yes, Elf-inspired without even having given that a thought.


You can find the recipe for the funfetti cupcake and buttercream frosting here.

Candy Cane Forest Cupcakes


12 funfetti cupcakes
buttercream frosting
mini candy canes
white sprinkle balls
ziploc bag or piping bag


1. Take each cupcake and frost by swirling a ziploc bag/piping bag, with the end cutoff, from center up to the center.

2. Shake some white sprinkle balls on the frosting while it’s still slightly wet. Do not let the frosting harden or else the sprinkles won’t stick.

3. Add a mini candy cane to the center and enjoy your tasty walk through the candy cane forest!



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