Snowman Doughnuts

Christmas Eve has come and gone, but I have plenty of recipes to share because during the holidays I bake, and bake, and bake! I love sharing my passion with others, and creating delicious, and beautiful desserts. First on the list was something simple and tasty! Snowman Doughnuts – this recipe has been pinned and re-pinned so many times on Pinterest that I was unable to find the exact source. I also altered the recipe in order to make it easier to use what I already had. I only had to go out and buy a box of doughnuts.


Snowman Doughnuts


1 box of mini powdered doughnuts
1 bag of mini chocolate chips
Fondant (orange or colored orange using icing coloring)


1. Color the fondant orange, for the nose, and roll out into a carrot shape, also adding small notches with your fingernail to make it look like a carrot.

2. Place doughnuts on plate and add two mini chocolate chips for the eyes and four mini chocolate chips for the mouth below the doughnut hole. Use a toothpick to create small holes and gently press the chocolate chip into the small holes.

3. Add the carrot fondant into the doughnut hole.

4. Place on a serving tray and watch as your guests are amazed at how adorable these little snowmen are!


Source: Pinterest


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