Easy Perfect Fit Ice Cream

When I made the chocolate cake the other night, I knew I wanted something to pair with it, and what’s better than ice cream?! I’ll tell you… healthy ice cream! This Tone It Up recipe is not only healthy, but really simple. You don’t even have to have an ice cream maker! I also found out it’s great paired with the sweet crock pot apples, as well!

Easy Perfect Fit Ice Cream


2-3 frozen ripe bananas
1 scoop or packet of Perfect Fit Protein
1 vanilla bean seeded and scrapped or 1 tsp of vanilla extract (which is what I used)


1. Use slightly spotted, ripe bananas. Peel them, place in ziploc bag, and freeze for a couple of hours.

2. Once frozen, place bananas and remaining ingredients into a food processor or high-speed blender for a few minutes until it begins to look like ice cream.

3. Scoop out with an ice cream spoon or place ice cream in a ziploc bag and squeeze out to make swirls to make it look like real soft serve ice cream or frozen yogurt.

Source: Tone It Up


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