Breakfast Special: Egg in a Heart

I woke up after New Years Eve craving a breakfast that would be tasty, but yet would be simple enough for me to make within five minutes. I saw eggs and bread, and I figured why not take a cookie cutter to the bread and try cooking the egg inside of it. I ended up cutting out a heart shape in the bread! The whole time I was thinking, when I’m a mother, I’m certainly going to be doing this for all different holidays [using trees, hearts, snowmen, bunny, turkey cookie cutters], especially when they don’t ‘like’ eggs.

Egg in a Heart [otherwise known as Egg in a Basket/Egg in Toast]




1. Take cookie cutter of any shape and cut shape out of bread.

2. Spray pan with nonstick spray or butter. Heat up pan.

3. Place bread in pan and crack egg inside of shape. Cook fully on side [about 3 minutes].

4. Flip over and cook fully on the other side [about 3 minutes]. Repeat if cooking more than one piece.

5. Enjoy with any breakfast side and plenty of juice!


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