Snowman Funfetti Cupcakes

It’s that time of year again, where I bake bake bake for the holidays. I was originally going to bake three different things, but decided to only go with two because of the limit on time.

Every year we have Christmas Eve at our house, so it makes things easier, though there are always many dishes to clean. I first decided to bake snowmen cupcakes using the funfetti batter that I’ve been baking with lately. It’s super easy and only bakes 12 cupcakes, which was perfect for the amount of people we were having at our house.

All of our guests, and even those that we brought the cupcakes to the following day, enjoyed them! They’re not only delicious, but they’re cute too!

Snowmen Funfetti Cupcakes


Coarse Sugar
Chocolate Wafers
Semisweet chocolate chips and miniature semisweet chocolate chips
Orange candy slices or jelly beans


1. Frost cupcakes, reserving some frosting for decorating if desired.

2. Dip the top of each cupcake in course sugar; shaking off any excess.

3. Microwave the chocolate wafers for a few seconds to soften as needed. Use a serrated knife to cut two narrow strips from opposite sides of each wafer – large center will form crown of hat; one strip will form the brim.

4. Add chips and mini chips to cupcake to form eyes and mouth. Cut a small piece of orange slice to form the nose.

5. Stick brim of hat, rounded side up, into top of cupcake; insert hat crown into the top edge. Secure with additional frosting. Decorate hat band, if desired.

Source: Taste of Home


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