Wedding Favor Cupcakes

I’ve been baking for awhile now, and I’ve only been asked to make cupcakes for someone about twice, before my friend asked me to bake cupcakes for the children’s favors at her wedding. I was so excited, and rather nervous too! I don’t think I do well under pressure, I get nervous and start worrying that things aren’t perfect, and when things aren’t perfect for me, especially something I’ve made, I get quite upset. I planned out her cupcakes – homemade funfetti with vanilla buttercream, with chocolate rings on top. The only thing was, the chocolate rings weren’t coming out correctly, and I quickly had to think of another idea, which I hoped she’d like! I still had rings on the cupcakes, I just added a purple scroll, her wedding color, that said I do on the bottom. I thought they looked perfect and was so happy to show them off.

So to make the scrolls, I first dyed the fondant purple. I wish it came out darker, but I’m still happy with the light shade. I then rolled it out flat, and cut a square shape with a knife, but I’m sure you could use a fondant cutter. I rolled them up to look like scrolls, all of the same size. I then added “I Do” in edible ink. I wrapped the scroll with ribbon and placed it between two rings. On to the cupcakes they went and – Ta Da!

Her mother and father thanked me for the cupcakes, as did the lovely bride and groom. I was so happy I could be a part of their wedding in such a great way. Dancing and delicious food, as well as a beautiful ceremony and fun reception, I think the night was perfect !

Source: Kay’s Sweet Obsessions


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